Dance Styles

Ballet, Tap and Jazz

Our regular classes cover all three of these dance styles.  


Ballet is a superb foundation for all other forms of dance.  It focuses on strength and accurate technique.  Along with learning a range of classical steps students will learn to perform and tell stories through their movement and dance.

Tap dancing uses shoes with metal pads to create percussive noises when dancing.  Combining a range of steps quick, slow, loud and soft makes this a very impressive style and a firm favourite with many of our dancers.

Jazz covers a lot of different ideas.  It allows us to explore less conventional and free forms of dance.  It can include modern and contemporay styles as well as theatre dance for shows and musicals.  For any performer the stage skills adressed here are essential.

Acrobatic Dance 


This uses acrobatic and dance skills to create enthralling dances full of breath taking movement.  Students learn to safely attempt a whole range of complex movement both by themselves and working in group situations.  The acrobatic Arts ayllabus allows dancers to work through the curriculum, building on and adapting the movements they learn. This is an 'add on' class for anyone already taking a dance class at Centre Stage.

Mini Acro


Mini Acro helps young children to learn the basics needed for acrobatic dance.  Supporting children to build up strength and flexibility at a young age will help them with any future dancing.  Acro is a lot of fun and really helps the youger children work together to develop.

Disco Duck


The ultimate pre school dance experience. Increased self esteem, co-ordination, balance and concentration.


The sylabus has been designed to develop real learning outcomes such as rhythm, balance, co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills; to build the foundations of dance with a sound structure, catchy tunes and supporting early ears foundation stages, but most important of all it is fun!

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