The Classes

Infants: Infants sessions are fun and action packed.  The children learn their first steps in ballet, tap and jazz through exciting games and dances. The children work very hard to learn their first steps and build up their first dance routines. We work on movement skills and spatial awareness that are essential to young children’s development for dance and beyond.  The children enjoy a range of dance and instrument activities to explore musical ideas such as rhythm and tempo.

45 minute class  

Children in this class usually range from 3 to 6 years old.



Advanced Infants:  These lessons continue to work on all three dance styles, ballet, tap and jazz. Children in this class are starting to move to music with more confidence and rhythm.  They still enjoy learning steps and concepts through play and games but they are building up longer routines using the new steps they are learning.  These classes help children to think and move and really help with focus, memory and concentration.

1 hour class 

Children in this class usually range from 4 to 8 years old



Pre-Juniors: The children have learned the basics in all three styles and are ready to take these to the next level.  This class works on improving technique and extending the range of steps the children know.  The classes are longer and there is more time spent looking at steps, routines and working together with other dancers.  The class is aimed at help children improve and prepare for dancing exams.

1 hour class 

Children in this group are usually 7 years old and above



Juniors, Inters, Seniors:  As the dancers progress through the exam grades and their ability and experience grows they move through these more advanced classes.  At Centre stage it is important that each student is progressing at the rate appropriate to them and getting appropriate support and challenge in their work across the ballet, tap and jazz styles.

Length of class varies depending on the level of the group.



Mini Acro: Mini Acro is a class that looks at the basics of acrobatic dance.  Children are taught to safely tackle a range of complex movement on their own and with others.  Children love exploring the ways they can move and travel. This is a great class for building strength and flexibility that will be valuable for all dance styles.

45 minute class



Acro: Acro uses acrobatic and gymnastic skills to create enthralling dances full of breath taking movement.  Students learn to safely attempt a whole range of complex movement both by themselves and working in group situations.  Flexibility and strength are a real focus and the dancers work through a progressive curriculum building on and adapting the movements they learn. Due to the dance element required this class is an 'add on' and can only be taken alongside another dance class.

1 hour class



Private lessons: can be booked at times that the studio is available.  They can be used to work on a range of things tailored to the needs and aspirations of you and your child. Please get in touch to arrange.

Booked in half hour blocks



Disco Duck: This class is a superb movement and movement class for you to enjoy with your child.  Fun, action packed songs and exciting props and instruments introduce your toddler to the exciting world of dance.

35-40 minute sessions

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